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Provokingly raw and honest, This Is What Healing Feels Like, explores the beautiful, yet eerie world of healing. In her third publication, Corinthia lets it all go. She takes the reader on a journey of her mind, heart and soul, as she works out her issues with lovers, friends, and most importantly, family. Corinthia says, "Healing can be uncomfortable, and still at times very comforting." She wrote this book to let readers know they are not alone and to encourage them along their way.


This Is What Healing Feels Like is divided into four chapters: "Opening Up", "Awakening", "Recovery", & "Growth". Each chapter reflects on the varying phases of the healing process, as the author discovers new elements of her own healing power. She relies on the strength of her community, self-knowledge and love to heal her. She is empowered. She learns. She grows.

This Is What Healing Feels Like

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