Provokingly raw and honest, This Is What Healing Feels Like, explores the beautiful, yet eerie world of healing. In her third publication, Corinthia lets it all go. She takes the reader on a journey of her mind, heart and soul, as she works out her issues with friends, lovers and most importantly, family. Corinthia says, “Healing can be uncomfortable, and still at times very comforting.” She wrote this book to let her readers know that they are not alone and to encourage them along their way.


Major Degree was written to assist college students in the process of self-discovery and growth as they find their own way on the journey to success. This success manual provides a step-by-step blueprint of how to navigate college as a first-generation student and win! After reading this book, you will be equipped with the necessary tools to stay focused, discover your purpose, and even successfully transition after graduation. Major Degree was written for self-motivated, ambitious students who desire to achieve great success and fulfill their highest potential in life. 


Bloom is a distinguished collection of poetry and writings inspired by the process of growth. An omen dedicated to young women, Bloom, offers insight to those who are in the process of finding themselves after experiencing loss, pain or rejection. On this unique path of re-discovery, distractions are inevitable. Blinders meant to save our eyes compel us to fall prey to deceptions. This book of poetry is a reminder to all women that we must go within to find ourselves. We must all stay grounded in this truth, and most of all we must seek to understand the purpose for our pain. Once we acknowledge the beauty and divinity within, we truly begin to bloom into a beautiful being.



You Will Bloom | The Reflection Journal is a beginner-friendly guided, self-reflection journal to help you heal and grow into the best version of yourself. Filled with wisdom, love and affirmations, this workbook allows you to take a good look in the mirror and learn to love what you see. This is a "cheat code" to leveling up as you seek emotional and spiritual wholeness.